Boston Workers Alliance (BWA) is a community organization led by unemployed and underemployed workers fighting for employment rights. We have united to end CORI (Criminal Offender Record Information) discrimination and the crisis of joblessness in the community. We fight for social and economic justice by creating and demanding good jobs for all people who want to work.

 The ability to live productively and raise our families in peace is a right. As we walk towards our freedom, we build strength and hope through cooperation, political awareness and collective action. We organize to overcome the oppressive forces that oppose our full potential to live.

 Since BWA historic 2012 victory of reforming the CORI laws, BWA has become an essential resource in implementing that victory. We provide CORI support to hundreds of constituents every year, and we continue to build our pool of CORI-friendly employers and job opportunities. 

You can seek out BWA for

  •  Information on your CORI report
  • Assistance with sealing your CORI record
  • "Know Your Rights" Workshops on What CORI Reform means for you
  • Job search support
  • Job readiness training
  • To Report Abuses in the Workplace, Employer CORI law violations, or Wage Theft;"


BWA was formed in September 22, 2005 at a large meeting of unemployed workers at the 12th Baptist Church in Roxbury. We agreed to unite for the uplift our community by building powerful collective challenges to the crisis of joblessness. Our first two priorities involved fighting CORI discrimination and forming a BWA temp agency.

In this organization, our members work to improve their job situations by developing the necessary skills and resources to find work. At the same time, it is clear that job training and business resumes are useless if no one is hiring. We recognize that unless we demand a societal change to have fair work for all, members of our community will be forced to compete, like crabs in a barrel, for fewer and lower-paying jobs. When we unite, we are fighting for more than a paycheck. We are fighting for jobs for our youth and stable work that we can raise our families on.

If you’re unemployed, working two jobs & still not making it, can’t get a job because of your CORI, or just sick & tired of being “sick & tired,” please join us–tell your story, fight for CORI reform and jobs.


The BWA has (3) sub committees: criminal justice, jobs, and housing committee.  All active BWA members meet as a planning committee on the 2nd Monday of every month from 6:30-8pm at the Boston Staffing Alliance office, at 140 Winthrop Street. 




Albie Montgomery

Executive Director


While working on his Bachelors Degree in Business Management, Mr. Montgomery started a food concession stand during the summer months at Malcolm X Park in Roxbury during the mid 1990’s.  By the time he graduated from Norfolk State University, Mr. Montgomery had raised enough money to grow his business into a mobile food truck.  “The food truck was an important part of my success in business, I was able to develop strong community ties while feeding the residence of Boston.” Mr. Montgomery explains.

Mr. Montgomery next entrepreneurial business move into real estate in 2001 proved that his success in business was not just luck, but a seasoned businessman as he continued to invest in the housing market.  After having so much success as an entrepreneur Mr. Montgomery decided to produce, and direct an urban documentary, catered to young black youth about the different ways of making, spending, and saving money.  The DVD series “Cheddar” was a hit, and was distributed nationally thru Target, and Best Buy, with global distribution as well. 

Mr. Montgomery started working with Boston Workers Alliance in June 2013 as the Accounts Manager for the non-profit temporary staffing agency “Boston Staffing Alliance”.  After turning the scares staffing agency into a weekly staffed operation for the past 18 months Mr. Montgomery was promoted to Deputy Director of Boston Workers Alliance in October of 2014.  Mr. Montgomery states “I truly enjoy the opportunity to networking with business owners, companies, and organizations in the Boston Metro area to bring good jobs to the community.  Boston Workers Alliance offers me the chance to sustain my neighborhood economic challenges, while helping to build the BWA brand to change the economic future of the underemployed and unemployed folk of Roxbury.”  In June of 2016 the member of BWA voted to have Mr. Montgomery lead the BWA mission as the executive director

Alvin Whitlow

Community Outreach


Member Images5.jpg

Curtis Rollins

Director of Organizing


Mr. Rollins, a native Bostonian from the Dorchester neighborhood, is the current Director of Organizing of the Boston Workers' Alliance. Even at an early age, Curtis was compelled to seeking justice through community engagement. Various youth programs, both faith based and secular, continued to both nurture his thirst of knowledge while guiding him to strive for better for himself and his community. This love for his people and community lead him to studying criminal justice in college, acquiring both a Bachelor of Science degree from Texas Southern University in Houston, Texas and Master of Science degree from Grand Canyon University in Phoenix, Arizona. The combination of passion and knowledge of the system has lead to Curtis’ deep commitment to activism and advocacy in the communities of Dorchester, Roxbury, and Mattapan as well as citywide. Within BWA, he holds a number of responsibilities including community outreach, community activism, CORI activism and employment support. He is responsible for building and maintaining a foundation of membership within the organization to keep us stable and vibrant in the community along with raising awareness and seeking rectifications to social injustices within the community including the fight for better wages, CORI reform and other serious issues plaguing the City of Boston.

Board Members

The Boston Workers Alliance is a member led organization. A Board of Directors is democratically elected from amongst its members and supporters, and guides its vision and the execution of its mission. Their work is further aided by an Advisory Committee of allies and friends who are committed to the success of BWA. Join The BWA >>

Major Donors

Ben and Jerry Foundation

Lenny Zakim Fund

Burgess Urban Fund

Catholic Campaign for Human Development

Civic Engagement Initiative

Community Training and Assistance Center

Center for Economic Democracy

Herman and Frieda Miller Foundation

Hyams Foundation

MassUniting MassVote

Solidago Foundation

Major Supporters

Nuestra Community Development Corporation provides free office space to the Boston Staffing Alliance non-profit staffing agency. 


EPOCA, (Ex-Prisoners and Prisoners Organizing for Community Advancement)

MOAR, (Massachusetts Organization for Addiction Recovery)

Right to the City Alliance

Right to the City VOTE

Community Labor United

Greater Boston Labor Council

SEIU 32BJ District 615

Rosie’s Place

New England Regional Council of Carpenters

International Action Center

Boston Teachers Union

City Life/Vida Urbana


Chinese Progressive Association

New England United for Justice

Dorchester People for Peace

Coalition to Fund Our Communities/Cut Military Spending 25%

Boston Carmen’s Union (ATU Local 589)

Painters DC 35, UNITE HERE Local 26